Yes and no. All agents can prepare some kind of market analysis, use signs, advertising, and open houses to attract buyers, but... it’s how these activities are managed that makes all the difference. Buying or selling a home is really about a relationship between you and your agent. To be successful, that relationship must be based on trust, honesty, openness, and continuing communication. Along with experience, energy, and commitment, this is what sets our agents apart from the rest.

Don’t all real estate agents offer the same services?

what sets us apart

Red barn agents

The "Marketing" of your home is our expertise in knowing how to establish a figure that balances maximum price with minimum time on the market. We consider "Sales" to be the promotional activities such as advertising, internet exposure, and other tools that bring your home to the attention of the market. When a house doesn't sell, it's due to poor market prediction, not lack of sales efforts.

How we differentiate between "marketing" and "sales"